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PowerTris is my newest version of the popular Tetris game. It looks better than my old DOS version and has sound effects, but the rest is pretty much the same.



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How To Play

Yeah, as if you really don't know Tetris.

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The menu is available at all times; just point and click any menu item. Here's a description of all menu items:

Game|New, Classic mode:

This starts a new game in classic mode. If you're already playing a game you'll be asked to confirm.


This pauses or resumes the game.


This will end the game and still allow you to enter the high score list.

Game|View Highscores:

This opens the high score dialog.


This opens the settings dialog.

Options|Block Scale:

Here you can switch between three different graphics sizes. Small is recommended for 640 x 480, Medium for 800 x 600, and Large for 1024 x 768 or above.

Options|Sound Effects:

This enables or disables sound effects.


Not implemented.


This opens the credits dialog.

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Version History

Version 0.4a
Version 0.3a
Version 0.2a

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Design: Thomas Finnerup
Programming: Thomas Finnerup
Graphics: Thomas Finnerup
Sound Effects: Thomas Finnerup
Anders Trolle
Beta Testing: Anders P. Kvistgaard
Anders Trolle
Special Thanks:
Created With:

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Download for Windows

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