Here's various information about the website itself.



Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website was made by me, Thomas Finnerup.

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Here's a list of programs, code libraries, and other resources I've used to create this website.

Text Editor: Vi IMproved
by Bram Moolenaar et al.
Layout Framework: Bootstrap
by the Bootstrap team and contributors
Graphics: Pixelmator Pro
by Pixelmator Team
Server Side Code: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
by The PHP Group
Client Side Code: jQuery
by The jQuery Foundation
Lightbox Plugin: Magnific Popup
by Dmitry Semenov
Web Server: Apache HTTP Server
by The Apache Software Foundation

My website complies with the HTML5 specification. I've tested all pages in the newest desktop versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, and they all look and work as intended. I can't be bothered to ensure compatibility with old browsers.

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Here are some pictures of different versions of my website.

1st Design:

All I can remember from my original website are the colors blue and green. I no longer have a copy of it, and neither does the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. :(

2nd Design:

The color scheme is quite embarrassing, but I guess I must have liked it back then. The buttons on the left are the result of too much use of linear gradient fill styles.

3rd Design:

Back to the green and blue colors, but this time with a sidebar. I still like this design, and I also got a lot of praise for it, but it was too cumbersome to maintain.

4th Design:

Basically the same design as the last one, but with frames and better looking links. It was easier to maintain because the menus were independent.

5th Design:

I grew tired of the previous design, so I made a new one from scratch. I decided to focus more on the actual contents, and I think it went pretty well. I also started using PHP which made a lot of things much easier.

6th Design:

For some time I wanted to make a more impressive design than the previous one, but I always ended up failing. Even though the design might be a bit boring to look at, I do find it clean, stylish, and pleasant.

But something had to happen. I decided to keep the basic design, but with rounded corners, soft shadows, and more graphics. I also added a title banner, moved the breadcrumb links below that, and changed the page width to match a resolution of 1024 x 768 instead of 800 x 600.

7th Design:

Small changes this time. Larger text, larger line height, and larger thumbnails. Removed descriptive text from menus. Also put an advert at the top of every page.

8th Design:

Even smaller changes this time. Optimized the design using CSS for rounded borders and soft shadows. Changed the banner font. Also translated the whole website into English.

9th Design (Current):

Made the whole website mobile friendly. Made the topbar smaller and removed the navigation line below it. Widened the page a bit, made the text larger, adjusted the headline colors slightly, and increased the resolution of thumbnails.

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