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JumpOut! is my version of the classic board game typically known as Reversi or Othello. The game has colorful graphics with multiple themes, pleasant music by Bjørn Lynne, and nice sound effects. You can play against a friend, against the computer, or watch the computer play against itself.



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How To Play

The Basics:

The game is played on a board with 8 x 8 squares. In the starting position the 4 center squares are occupied by two pieces from each player, diagonally opposite each other.

The Rules:

Each player takes turns putting a piece on an empty square. From that square there must be at least one opponent piece in any of the 8 directions, followed by one of the player's own. The surrounded pieces are then turned over and now belong to the player that made the move. This probably sounds more confusing that it is, so here are some examples:

Board Image

The squares marked with X'es show all of White's valid moves. The black pieces that are between the piece that White places and White's other pieces in the 8 directions will become white.

Board Image

Here White can take 3 of Black's pieces by putting a piece on the white marker. Afterwards, Black can take 3 of White's pieces and at the same time get a piece on the edge, which is harder to lose. The corners are the best squares to get, because they can't be lost.

Board Image

Here Black has no legal moves and has to forfeit. You can't forfeit if you have a legal move.

The game is over when there are no more empty squares or when neither player can move. The player with the most pieces wins.

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The menu is available at all times; just point and click any menu item. Here's a description of all menu items:


This opens the Setup New Game dialog. Here you can select who plays White and who plays Black. You can also select if White or Black moves first.

If you're already playing a game you'll be asked to confirm whether you want to start a new one.

File|Open, File|Save, and File|Save as...:

These are not implemented.


This will exit the program (with no warning if you were playing a game).

View|Select Board:

Here you can switch between the included backgrounds, Default, Marble, Colorful, and Lowcolor.

The menu item "Other..." allows you to select a picture of your own.

View|Select Pieces:

Here you can switch between the included pieces, Default, BubbleBlocks, ZebraSphere, and Lowcolor.

Options|Play Sound:

This enables or disables the sound effects.

Options|Play Music:

This enables or disables the music.

Options|Select Music:

Here you can switch between the included tunes, Funky Guppy, High Spirits, Stranger on a Hill, and X-Mas Zpireet.

The menu item "Other..." allows you to select a MIDI file of your own.


This open a dialog with credits.

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Version History

Version 0.5b:
Version 0.4b:

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Design: Thomas Finnerup
Programming: Thomas Finnerup
Graphics: Thomas Finnerup
Daniel M. Paul
Music: Bjørn Lynne
Sound Effects: Thomas Finnerup
Beta Testing: Anders P. Kvistgaard
Rasmus Lund-Hansen
Daniel M. Paul
Special Thanks:
Created With:

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