Buggity Bash™

Buggity Bash™ is a game that's slightly, uh, kind of similar; ok, it's Boulder Dash®. Well, actually, it's more like Emerald Mine, but you get the idea.

The game used to be called Treasure for Pleasure, but I decided to rename it when I noticed an official Boulder Dash® game called Treasure Pleasure. Then it was called Duck Dash for a few years, until I found out that there was another game (and, apparently, an amusement park) with the same name. So now it's called Buggity Bash™, which is unique (so far) and fun to say.




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* Provided your device can keep up, of course.

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If you've played Boulder Dash® or Emerald Mine before, you may want to take a look at some of the differences between these and Buggity Bash™.

Buggity Bash™ Emerald Mine Boulder Dash®
Amoeba that aren't connected are considered separate. If one part of an amoeba is trapped, it will turn into gems while any other parts live on. Similarly, if one part grows too large, it will turn into boulders while any other parts live on. All amoeba is considered one. If one part of an amoeba is trapped, it will continue to live as long as there's amoeba elsewhere in the level.
Amoeba doesn't drip. Amoeba can spread downwards by dripping. Amoeba doesn't drip.
The player can stand in a doorway. He can also make a door stay open, allowing anything to move through it. Only the player can move through doors. He can't stand in a doorway. When he moves into a door, he passes through it (at double speed). N/A
Doors can be open to begin with. Open doors can be closed without a key but require a key to be re-opened. Doors are always closed. N/A
Brick Wall
Can have rounded corners that make gravity objects roll off. Can't have rounded corners. Can't have rounded corners, but always makes gravity objects roll off.
Magic Wall
Looks different from regular brick wall. Looks like regular brick wall.
When a square of magic wall is activated, only the squares that are adjacent to it will be activated as well. Magic wall elsewhere on the level will not be affected. When a square of magic wall is activated, all magic wall in the level is activated.
Turns into regular brick wall when expired. Acts as regular brick wall when expired but still looks like magic wall. Makes boulders and diamonds disappear when expired.
Growing Wall
Growing walls have small indicators that show the direction of growth. They grow at half speed. N/A Growing walls look like regular walls. They grow at full speed.
All explosive entities cause chain-reactions. Only bombs cause chain-reactions. No chain-reactions.
Pushable Objects
The player can push objects without delay. The player can push objects after a random delay. If an object is pushed more than once without delay, additional pushes will work even if there's nothing below the pushable object.
Falling Gems
Can be picked up by nudging, even upwards. ? Can't be picked up until they're stationary.
Looks distinctive. Looks like titanium wall until opened, then flashes.
All levels have the same color theme. Each level can have its own color theme.

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Version History

December 9th 2020

November 30th 2020

November 29th 2020

July 19th 2020

February 23rd 2020

November 9th 2019

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Programming: Thomas Finnerup
Graphics: Thomas Finnerup
Sound Effects: Thomas Finnerup
Music: Rob Hubbard and Jason Page
Main Menu Photo: PxHere.com

Special Thanks:

Created With:

Boulder Dash® © First Star Software, Inc.
Emerald Mine © Kingsoft GmbH

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