I generally don't like fy_ maps, because most of them seem like they were randomly put together in half an hour. I'll never understand how a map like fy_iceworld became so popular.

As a kind of protest against all the horrible fy_ maps I thought I'd try to make one myself.



July 24th 2005:

The original idea was to have the text PU (with much larger letters) in the middle of the map, but I thought it might be too boring, so it ended up being PU KLAN CS instead. Here are two screenshots of the first and final versions of the letters.

July 28th 2005:

Added some crates and made the spawnpoints more interesting. At one point the players actually spawned high in the air and landed safely in the water, which was pretty cool. However, late joiners might land on other players and die instantly, which wasn't very cool.

July 30th 2005:

I wasn't happy with the spawnpoints (particularly the instant death problem), so I made a couple of balconies that the players spawned under instead. This also made it possible to shoot diagonally across the map. On the 2nd and 3rd screenshots the balconies have been extended a little.

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