Shortly after my workplace moved to a different location a set of blueprints mysteriously appeared in my group. Originally, my former colleague Bjørn Erichsen started creating our workplace as a CS map. Unfortunately, he ran into some problems and abandoned the project.

Some time later I started playing around with Worldcraft (the previous version of Valve Hammer Editor) and eventually started doing our workplace from scratch. The basic structure didn't take too long, but I also ran into problems when I started making details. The old Half-Life engine is quite limited. For example, I built the bike shed out of separate boards. That turned out to be a bad idea. ;)



March 6th 2001:

I can't remember exactly when I started working on the map, but these screenshots are from my first backup. I had only made the external walls of the main building, three floors (no basement), and a scaffold for access between these.

April 30th 2002:

These screenshots are from the most detailed version of the map, before I started redoing the basic structure.

August 16th 2004:

As I said, I started redoing the basic structure, because it turned out that I hadn't optimized it properly from the beginning. All brushes were changed to optimal sizes, textures were redone, and basically all details were removed. I also started using detail textures on some of the walls and floors.

There's not much to see, except on the office of the 2nd floor where I have made most of the furniture. The texture on the windows is temporary.

September 25th 2005:

If the map is ever going to be playable in CS I have to realize that I can't have as many details as I'd like. I'm not really satisfied with that, so it's probably going to be a CS:S map instead. If I ever get around to it, that is.

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