Anders Trolle, Bjørn Erichsen, Søren Petersen, and I once had the idea that we would make a map together. Mr. Trolle suggested a cruise ship because they have a lot of different areas on a relatively small location. So that's what we did.

In the beginning we threw the rmf file (the map source) back and forth, but it quickly became confusing to remember who had the newest version. After a while I made a little website where we could check-in and check-out the map and related files. It also had the advantage of giving us a way to keep a centralized log of changes.

We had a lot of problems while working on the map, but we also learned a lot of optimization tricks. The visibility was always our biggest problem. The suggested maximum of visible polygons at any one time is about 600. We had places with as many as 1,500 which caused a lot of lag.



The Beginning of March 2002:

First, a couple of sketches. No, they were not made by small children. :)

April 4th 2002:

These screenshots are from the final version (I think) of the original layout.

March 16th 2002:

(I know it's not completely chronological, but it's better this way.) A short time before the above version Mr. Erichsen had made this awesome hull. Making it hollow was quite difficult, mostly because almost all of the brushes were invalid. :)

May 16th 2002:

We thought that it would be cool to have a helicopter hovering over the pool. To begin with we used a random Lynx that we found somewhere on the interwebs. Later Mr. Erichsen made a rather cool Chinook that some of the counter-terrorists spawned inside, but it ended up being voted off the map because it was a little over the top.

February 13th 2003:

The following screenshots are from beta 5 which was the first (and last) public version. Back then it was quite demanding (graphically), but these days it's probably not a problem at all.

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