I was once curious to find out how much the Source engine could handle, so I decided to try to make Høje Taastrup station for CS:S. It was never supposed to be competitively playable, and as such I've given absolutely zero thought to the location of spawnpoints. It was just going to be a kind of sightseeing map.



August 27th 2005:

Here are the very first screenshots of the map, taken directly within Valve Hammer Editor. I had made the center arch two rows too low (counting is hard), but that was easily fixed.

August 28th 2005:

After having fixed the center arch I compiled the map for the first time. For some reason no light calculation was done, which caused everything to be at full brightness. Also, the roof might have been just a tiny bit too reflective.

August 28th 2005, part 2:

Light calculation now works. It's starting to look pretty good.

September 9th 2005:

It turned out that the scale wasn't quite right; the building was too large. As I was going to redo it, I decided to make the arches with twice the amount of surfaces. I also made a little bump-mapping on the roof material and added part of one of the adjacent buildings.

September 10th 2005:

I added more of the adjacent buildings and the platforms. The reflection on the roof has started to look weird, but I may be able to solve that by binding the surfaces to the env_cubemaps instead of letting the engine guess (or however that works).

September 11th 2005:

After having made a pair of escalators the map stopped working for no apparent reason. It compiles fine, but HL2.exe crashes when I load it. Too bad, considering that the engine seems to have no trouble handling it. I get 84-85 fps constantly (limited by the CRT monitor I had at the time), even when the entire map is visible at once, which is quite impressive.

September 30th 2005:

It seems that an update to the engine solved my problem. Yay! :)

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